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Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke practices with the drill during training at Cape Canaveral, Florida, circa 1972.

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I’m starting a business on making still life patches. The idea is to paint them on acrylic over canvas and the subject will be mainly still life, that is flowers, fruits, flower pots, glasses, etc., what some might call a ‘study’. They look cool on denim jackets and bags, they can be made relatively fast (faster than a big painting) and acrylic doesn’t wash of easily, and as they are tiny they can be cheaper than an actual painting. What do you think? Could this be a decent business?

The lower ones were made by x.


Crypt Of Shadows #16, March 1975, cover by Ron Wilson and Mike Esposito

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The Craft (1996)

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Los Saicos, various photos from 1965


Suspiria - 1977 - Dario Argento